6 reasons why sponsoring the Diverse Business Summit will be a Win-Win for Your Brand

The Diverse Business Summit, London 2023 is the flagship event designed to build the capabilities, visibility and market readiness of small and micro diverse businesses, by giving them the tools that enable them to efficiently sell their services to larger organisations.

We've meticulously selected some of the most progressive brands and organizations that have made a commitment to sustainability and diversity, and are actively collaborating with diverse suppliers.

Not only are small and diverse suppliers are often more agile and innovative than their larger counterparts, they tend to be more flexible in meeting customer needs and can provide creative solutions to challenges. Also, by incorporating diverse suppliers into your supply chain and having a broad range of suppliers can help corporations mitigate risks, such as those related to geopolitical instability or supply chain disruptions.

With the above in mind, here are 6 reasons why you should consider sponsoring The DIverse Business Summit, London 2023

1. Boost Return on Investment

While sponsorships necessitate a financial commitment, (yes, we need your money), they offer a substantial payoff in terms of visibility, often yielding impressive ROI. Our flexible sponsorship packages mean you can tailor your exposure to suit your needs. We will also help you establish a useful metric to evaluate the effectiveness of your investment and determine the value of future sponsorships.

2. Cultivate Business Networks

By sponsoring our summit, your company stands to develop significant relationships with non-competing enterprises, paving the way for future collaborations. We've already secured commitments from a leading bank, a social media firm, a telecommunications entity, and a beverage company. Join this influential lineup.

3. Acquire Crucial Knowledge

Sponsorship of our event presents the opportunity to gain valuable insights into:

  • Emerging industry trends and innovative business ideas for engaging with diverse businesses
  • Unique selling propositions of different companies
  • Strategies employed by other businesses to connect with diverse suppliers

4. Fulfillment of social responsibility

Sponsoring an event like this will help you fulfill your social responsibility by supporting other organisations with diversity and inclusion initiatives. You can continue to build a positive image and foster a sense of community involvement with diverse stakeholders, as your D&I strategy demonstrates.

5. Enhancement of your company's image

One significant advantage of event sponsorship is the potential to elevate your company's reputation. Customers tend to favor brands that contribute positively to their community. Sponsorship of a significant event such The Diverse Business Summit, which nurtures the next generation of diverse suppliers for your company, can generate media buzz, distinguish your brand from bigger competitors, and foster customer loyalty. If diversity and inclusion matters to you, it should be demonstrated by the types of businesses you use too!

6. Increase Lead Generation

Brand loyalty often stems from emotional connections. By sponsoring The Diverse Business Summit, you won't only reach potential customers but also reveal the more human side of your business. Moreover, having a representative at the event allows you to gather critical customer information, develop a contact list, and promote your products or services. We can furnish you with relevant data, like expected attendance figures.

As a sponsor, you'll be afforded the chance to demonstrate your intellectual leadership, brand strength, dedication to diversity and inclusion, and advocacy for the diverse business sector.

Let's reshape the industry.

Interested in sponsorship? Drop me a line and I'll send you our brochure.

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